Updated rules ( Read it before posting )

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Updated rules ( Read it before posting )

Post by riz on Wed Sep 03, 2008 11:00 pm

Mig33 Friends Network has always been a friendly and welcoming online community. These simple posting rules are in place to protect this spirit on the forums and promote friendly discussion and banter.

1. Keep it friendly – this is the golden rule. It means no flaming, trolling or ridiculing of members. While differences of opinion and banter are a part of everyday forum life, insults and any other kind of unfriendly behaviour are not acceptable.

2. Respect different races, nationalities, religions etc – MIg33 friends is a multi-cultural community and it goes without saying that racism in any form is not tolerated. But please also be aware that posting strong views about race, nationality or religion can easily cause offence to others and at the mods discretion may be removed. Any deliberately inflammatory threads are not acceptable.

3. No offensive/ illegal material – including pornographic or other explicitly violent content or links.

4. No personal details – please don’t publish someone’s personal details such as their real name or photographs.( without their permission ) . Even if the details are taken from elsewhere on the internet. We also strongly recommend that you don’t post your own personal details, on this or any other public forum.

5. No SPAM, commercial advertisement or links to promote other websites – this includes using a company/website/forum name as your username or having a commercial link in your signature and profile.

6. Forums are for chat and sharing ideas not ads!

Any post or thread believed to breach the spirit of these rules may/ will be removed and restrictions may also be placed on the user.

We have volunteer Community Moderators to help us protect the friendly spirit of the mig33 friends network and enforce these rules. But they might not be able to read everything throughout the forum as they have personal life so if you come across a post or thread where you feel the rules have been broken please report offending threads/posts to us by using the Report option that appears at the top right of each thread so we can take a look and take appropriate action.

Above all we hope you enjoy the forums!

The mig33 friends Network team.

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